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Aka Bubble is a clothing studio founded 2015 in Helsinki, Finland by Ting-Yun Huang. We focus on sustainable design. Clothes hand made from quality materials that takes the environment into consideration.

The organic line is available for kids, babies and adults. The fabrics are GOTS-certified and has a mild and friendly character to them. The cotton we use breathes and the bamboo is antibacterial. These clothes are gentle both for you and nature.




Womenswear coming back.




Web shop launched. Ricky joined. His main job is to communicate, sometimes Ricky also helps cutting fabrics with his long arms.




Fine testing of coming products.



Aka Bubble Käsintehtyjä luomuvaatteita Helsingistä


Aka Bubble studio founded in Helsinki, Finland.



Huang Ting-Yun for Muuse Project featured in Dansk Magazine


Bubble worked for Finnish and Danish Companies, planned for setting up her own company.



Aka Bubble Huang Ting-Yun Building The Void Collection


Bubble graduated from Aalto University. Graduation works featured in various press, including WWD, Vogue Italia, Helsingin Sanomat etc. Graduation collection showed in Copenhagen and worn by Lady Gaga subsequently. 



Aka Bubble Huang Ting-Yun Sartorial Practice Collection


Bubble's womenswear collection showed in Copenhagen for the first time.



Bubble started her master study in Helsinki, Finland.




Bubble studied pattern cutting and sewing in Taipei, Taiwan.




Ting-Yun got the nickname Bubble from a classmate. Everybody called her that ever since.